The Last Trimester

You are happy nowadays, you have managed to settle yourself in the last phase of your pregnancy. The normal length of duration of pregnancy is  40 weeks. But, in some cases it may run 38 weeks or may be 42 weeks. You may feel little kick when you start speaking to your little one, as by now he or she can get familiar with your voices. Get as much relaxation as you can.

Week 26-27: They start to open their eyelids. The iris of the eye is blue in this stage and it will remain same until a few months after delivery.

Week 28-31: The baby measures around 36cm in length and weighs around 900g. You can also feel the rhythm of your ward’s breathing and he or she may experience hiccups, for which you can feel some jerks inside.

Week 32: Your baby has got fully developed lungs now. The baby weighs about 1.8kg. The baby is in a head-down position, in preparation for the birth.

Weeks 33-36: By this time, the baby is gaining about 14g fat each day. The fingers and nails have soft nails. The hair on the baby’s head may be as long as 2.5cm.

Week 37-39: The baby has dropped lower in the uterus, ready for the birth. The baby’s heartbeat is about 110-115 beats per minute. The baby will weigh around 3.1 kg.

Week 40: The baby’s movements decreases from now on, because now he or she is not getting enough space in the uterus. Now the measurement in length is 51cm and weight is around 3.5kg.



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