The First Year

Reaching every milestone, depends upon the babies own development timeline.

Second Month: By the end of this month, your baby will smile in response to your smile. Will be able to respond any sound nearby and may lift head till 45 degrees when on stomach. Now, you may feel your baby as an audience to express your feelings where, some parents may feel this work quite idiotic but this can develop baby’s language faster. Love, makes a baby grow and thrive.  Try to learn what makes your baby happy or bored, but learning should not hastened by pressure.

Third Month: May lift head till 90 degrees, may roll over one way, may also bring both hands together. Starting with bottlefeed too soon may confuse baby with nipples. This is the time when most of the working mothers get to their work again. So, try to start the feeding with any other sources like Pumping your milk or any formulae.

Fourth Month: Lift head steadily, lough out loud, may grasp a rattle and also may reach for an object. A baby may love to be in a sitting position now for a change. Some babies may also reject the nursing which have several reasons like, mom’s diet, teething, etc..

Fifth Month: May bear some weight on legs, may also able to sit for a while without support. It is the good time to add some more with the milk like, Rice Cereal. Introducing a new food, new taste to the little one is always challenging.

Sixth Month: May sit for some more time without support, may work to get a toy that is out of reach. Turning over during the night is very common nowadays. Once baby learn to flip, no one can keep them on their back, if they prefer their bellies.

Seventh Month: Getting ready for the finger foods. May start creeping or crawling. May even be able to stand holding on to furniture. Till now baby understood each of your nature, like, who is going to make her laugh, who is going to make her sit or who is going to take him or her for a walk and so the baby may start acting up with you.

Eighth Month: Feed self the finger foods, able to pass things from one hand to the other, get into a sitting position from stomach, may even be able to walk holding on to furniture. Now, this is the time you may start potty-training with your kid. Let me give you the whole idea with the help of a wonderful video about this. Please click on this link.

Ninth Month: Saying Ma-Ma and Da-Da, Clap hands, understand No, may stand alone without help. You may experience change in your baby’s sleep patterns, like the baby who used to take nap in the mid morning, may now want to take nap in the afternoon or so.

Tenth Month: May object if you try to take away some toy, play pee-ka-boo, may roll a ball to you. Now you can introduce him or her with a training cup or sipper to drink independently. The most messy time has started in terms of eating independently. This is the time when you really want to start interacting with baby, and understand his or her baby language also. You may try this video, in order to develop early language skill in your baby. Please click on this link.

Eleventh Month: Walk may happen holding on to furniture, pick up a tiny object with tips of thumb and forefinger. Falls may now seem as disaster for you, but, you may not help a lot on this, because he or she have to learn to get around on their own.

Twelfth Month: May walk independently, may use her training cup independently for drinking and may also say three to four words. This is the gearing up time for your baby’s first birthday. Many parents may feel their babies are shy in nature or not as social as other babies are, but this situation is absolutely normal in this phase.




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