Middle Trimester

This particular episode you can consider as the happiest stage in your pregnancy. By this time, most women are no longer suffering from morning sickness. The Second Trimester brings for you an exciting period as now you and your partner can see your body changing from week to week.

Your pregnancy bump is increasingly difficult to hide. Now it is the good time to share the good news with all your known circle as now you are past the most dangerous time for miscarriage.

Week 14: Your baby now measures about 80-115mm. The face is well developed. He or she starts twisting, kicking and waving the arms.

Week 15: The baby weighs about 80g and is 10 cm long. His or her fingernails are developing.

Week 16: The baby is weighing around 110g and 16 cm in length. The baby’s head is able to turn, mouth open and the chest and stomach move up and down. There is a growth of fine hair, known as lanugo, all over the baby’s body.

Week 17: Your baby now weighs about 150g, and the reproductive organs are fully formed. The baby passes water containing waste products every 40-45 mins through the placenta and into your own circulation. You then excrete it through your urine and sweat.

Week 18-19: By now your baby weighs about 200g. The arms and legs are well formed and he or she does lots of kicking. The baby is moving quite freely within the sac.

Week 20-23: The baby now measures about 25cm in length and he or she weighs between 260g and 280g. By this stage, your baby will be completely covered in an oily layer known as vernix.

Week 24: The baby is well developed now. The fingernails have completely formed by now. The baby may be sucking his or her thumb. He or she is learning to coordinate sucking and swallowing in preparation for feeding after delivery. The baby will be able to hear sounds from within and outside your body.


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