First Month of a Human Life

The little life is now in your arms. Your expectations meets your baby for the first time. Every child is unique, not even twins are the same. The biggest transformation of a family happens a week after the delivery. It is quite difficult to go for a family outing with a newborn child and so, here is the time, when the parents should spend maximum time as a family at home.

After a few days, baby may lift his or her head when on tummy. May also move arms and legs on both of sides. Still baby cannot focus more than 40 cm (approx.). You may feel that your baby is too small to understand Loving Touch, but even a premature baby spends fewer days in hospital with the help of loving care and strokes.

If we stroke on the cheek, the baby will turn and search for milk, this is called Rooting.

If you put your finger in your baby’s hand, he or she will grasp it and it shows they are moving forward to Holding action. The bones of a newborn’s skull not yet fused together. Cuddle your baby as much as you can, and limit to put her down in a bouncer. The father is as important as a mother in a baby’s life because, you both have unique features of love to give to your new born.

Do not worry about bonding, specially if you are a first time parent. It actually depends on person to person, the bonding with your baby can come from the first day of delivery or may be delayed. It is absolutely ok if the bonding comes first with your partner than you. Lots of communications with the baby is the good way to create bonding faster.


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