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We are on a live telecast to the world we are living in. We are actually not meant for these kinds of performance to perform at every moment of our life. Everyday we are performing better and better as we are growing up in front of these fake acting studio outside. Even for a single moment we are afraid of raising our inner belief, thoughts, behavior in front of the other co-artists who are struggling too. We sometimes misunderstand people by thinking them as a straightforward person, who does not have any sense of fake praise and so, he is showing us the right mirror. I think they are a different actor than us, who is showing us somewhat a bitter side of the mirror just to hide behind it. they actually does not have the patience to see his reflection in that same mirror.

We always keep on discussing, how matured the kids are nowadays. Don’t you think we are the Directors of our children’s life, who keep on directing according to changing situations? Child always learn by watching what we do, by hearing what we say and by learning what we teach. These truths are as pure as a new baby. As we are forced to become an artificial person day by day in front of our kids, they are also forced to learn these behavior and expect the same from their peers.

We lead an innocent life, actually lead a life full of living objects rather than non-living objects. Most of the parents are proud about their active childhood. Are we providing the same childhood as we or our parents does? Can’t we think of a simpler life for our children. We are surrounded by expensive and materialistic world, which demands the actors like us all the time, but if you are really keen to make your child’s childhood memorable, then you may find a nature corner just to listen your child’s endless stories which will really take you to a fantasy world, or you may find a piece of paper just to see your child’s scribble and when you praise her, she really becomes a proud painter. This are the endless happiness you may get throughout your life.

A fake face can only build a fake face too. We should never raise our child with the maturity we have, rather we should try to understand their innocent imaginative world just to take ourselves out of this live stage at least for some moment.

It is really impossible to live without our developed gadgets and facilities, but if we can inculcate some innocence along with this boosting technologies in our children, then it would be always better than it could have been.


We could all learn a little

It doesn’t matter how she slept the night before.  She doesn’t care if she isn’t felling great.  The weather doesn’t dictate it.  She is just thrilled when she gets to go to…

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I have something exciting to share with you guys:)

I was recently interviewed by Jacob over on the blog, Lone Star Inspirations. And yesterday he posted the interview! So if you want to read a little more about Yours Truly, head on over there! And thanks, Jake, for wanting to interview me!

So. I’m a sucker for Buzzfeed. I spend waaaay too much time there. Catching up on everything from news, to celebrity gossip, to Disney quizzes, to the occasional random cat video.


I mean, I need to reevaluate my usage of spare time!

But anyways, I happened upon something rather interesting yesterday. And that was’s “Word of 2015.”

I won’t go into the Oxford Dictionary’s choice of word…or rather, nonword.They chose an emoji.Yes, you read that right — they chose the “laughing with tears of joy” emoji.



But chose a different word…

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The most needed desire to spend all the time with our family in a new environment. All new experiences to load up in our sweet memories. The vacation with children is itself a new experience every time. We all need a weekend every week, just to gear up ourselves for the next hectic working days to come. In the same way, twice or thrice a year we need a vacation  to know the world outside our life.

Just a week ago, we are back from our long awaited vacation. From New Delhi to Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi. Must share my experience with you. The place hardly matters for me. I was excited from the day I got to know  about our vacation tour, without even deciding the place. My husband and I started collecting all possible information about all the places good to go with our 3 years old daughter. Then finally decided the place. It was overnight flight. So we finished our dinner early and started for the airport accordingly.

First, we went to Krabi and stayed there for three nights. Amazing experience of the islands. We went for 4 islands tour in Krabi. My little one was fine with foods there.

From Krabi, we booked a car to Phuket, and there we stayed for 2 nights.

Our final destination was Bangkok, and we chose to experience only the cruise at night on the river, because we found the city is the ultimate shopping destination for us.

Safely landed in home town  after 7 nights and 8 days.  My only concern was my daughter, but believe me she did even better than it expected. Our children need some break from daily routine too. Amazing vacation can’t explain in words. Must try!!

Why are naps reserved for the very young or old and pets? I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel terribly guilty lying down in the middle of the day when I wasn’t officially on vacation. It took the itchy, drippy, snot-filled start of a head cold to convince me I was allowed to […]

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Balancing your work life

You are a working mom on maternity leave. You must be too busy with your tender one till last moment of your leave to completely devote your time. But as soon as you reach last phase of your leave, you have a mix feeling of emotion and responsibility. You may carry different kind of feelings inside you at this moment. Some kind of anxiety will be there obviously as you are not ready to leave your child for a long time with somebody else, whereas there must be some kind of excitement to resume your workplace.

Just gear up with all those things that are necessary for your little one in your absence, such as:

  1. If your baby is breast fed, then you require a breast pump whether a manual one or an electric one.
  2. If you have already started your baby with formulae then, you must keep enough packs of formulas along with number of sterilized bottles.
  3. Sets of nappies or diapers should be there as per need.
  4. At least two to three sets of cleaned clothes as per season.
  5. For cleaning purpose, there should be a pack of wet and dry tissues.
  6. For bathing, there should be one towel, shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and a set of cleaned clothes.
  7. Sets of cleaned Napkins to clean your baby’s face.
  8. Sterilized and dry cotton balls to clean your baby’s sensitive areas.
  9. Some favorite rattles for tummy time and baby gym for passing his or her time.
  10. Even you may start putting him or her inside the play pen or play cot for certain time.