The most needed desire to spend all the time with our family in a new environment. All new experiences to load up in our sweet memories. The vacation with children is itself a new experience every time. We all need a weekend every week, just to gear up ourselves for the next hectic working days to come. In the same way, twice or thrice a year we need a vacation  to know the world outside our life.

Just a week ago, we are back from our long awaited vacation. From New Delhi to Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi. Must share my experience with you. The place hardly matters for me. I was excited from the day I got to know  about our vacation tour, without even deciding the place. My husband and I started collecting all possible information about all the places good to go with our 3 years old daughter. Then finally decided the place. It was overnight flight. So we finished our dinner early and started for the airport accordingly.

First, we went to Krabi and stayed there for three nights. Amazing experience of the islands. We went for 4 islands tour in Krabi. My little one was fine with foods there.

From Krabi, we booked a car to Phuket, and there we stayed for 2 nights.

Our final destination was Bangkok, and we chose to experience only the cruise at night on the river, because we found the city is the ultimate shopping destination for us.

Safely landed in home town  after 7 nights and 8 days.  My only concern was my daughter, but believe me she did even better than it expected. Our children need some break from daily routine too. Amazing vacation can’t explain in words. Must try!!


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