Balancing your work life

You are a working mom on maternity leave. You must be too busy with your tender one till last moment of your leave to completely devote your time. But as soon as you reach last phase of your leave, you have a mix feeling of emotion and responsibility. You may carry different kind of feelings inside you at this moment. Some kind of anxiety will be there obviously as you are not ready to leave your child for a long time with somebody else, whereas there must be some kind of excitement to resume your workplace.

Just gear up with all those things that are necessary for your little one in your absence, such as:

  1. If your baby is breast fed, then you require a breast pump whether a manual one or an electric one.
  2. If you have already started your baby with formulae then, you must keep enough packs of formulas along with number of sterilized bottles.
  3. Sets of nappies or diapers should be there as per need.
  4. At least two to three sets of cleaned clothes as per season.
  5. For cleaning purpose, there should be a pack of wet and dry tissues.
  6. For bathing, there should be one towel, shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and a set of cleaned clothes.
  7. Sets of cleaned Napkins to clean your baby’s face.
  8. Sterilized and dry cotton balls to clean your baby’s sensitive areas.
  9. Some favorite rattles for tummy time and baby gym for passing his or her time.
  10. Even you may start putting him or her inside the play pen or play cot for certain time.



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