The Transition Point of a Family

Once my aunt told me, not to expect to continue having same relation with your hubby after having your baby. It is impossible to continue with same feeling and bonding with an extra member between both of you. That special member is going to be the most sensitive living creature in your life. My aunt was actually right, it is a feeling of insecurity which every woman will feel at particular point of time.

My situation may be the worst than yours. Due to the hectic profession, my husband never got a long vacation or quality time to spend with me. I always used to demand more and more time from him. After marriage, I decided to continue with my studies further, and was in a nuclear family. So only two of us were there to stay alone. My husband’s work place was almost 1600 kms away  from my hometown. I got detached with all my childhood and college friends immediately after marriage, now my husband was the only one to love, to trust, to irritate, to help….. . Now I think you can imagine my loneliness as a new bride. One year after our  marriage, I was not a new bride anymore to roam around without doing anything effective at home. Slowly, I had to take up my household responsibilities of my part. Anyway, my husband is almost six years elder than me and very supportive in any situation of our life but on the other hand never compromised his work.

Two years past marriage, we decided to plan our first child. Naturally, that was the turning point for both of us. Suddenly, we came to know the importance of our life and time. We were blessed with a baby girl. It is said that girl is always more adorable to her father than to her mom, and ours was no difference. I still remember those days when I was totally shuttered with insecurity, loss of love, felt the particular time as the end of our love life.

Came into realization that on the other side of the coin, my husband is feeling exactly the same as mine. The only difference is that he sacrificed the loss of love only for his most dear one. There came the season of love which truly never ends and believe me it is the love of a family which cannot be compared to any other relationships.


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