Baby Brain – Myth or Reality?

First Time Dad

Many articles published recently claim that the ‘baby brain’ is nothing more than a myth and in fact women become smarter during pregnancy.

I’m not questioning the science in any way shape or form, but putting the research and studies aside, I find we are shaped by our own subjective experiences.

Personally, I find it very plausible that pregnant women may exhibit unusual characteristics. Spiking hormones and tiredness alone, in any person, pregnant or not, would certainly lead to an adverse effect on behaviour. You don’t have to be a scientist to work that out!

Now armed with the awareness of the infamous ‘Baby Brain‘, I resist the temptation to call the ‘X Files’ team to investigate my wife’s (Rambo) escalating strange behaviour.

Future dads beware! If you partner exhibits any of following signs, don’t panic and for gods sake, certainly don’t point out or question what you see or hear. The last few…

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