Working Mother at Home

A Mother always wants to stay with her children as long as she can, but yes, for all of us career is very significant. But if I could give you some opportunity to work at home or work professionally along with taking care of your children.

  1. Working as an Online Tutor: Computer literacy is compulsory for this job. You just have to search for the online tutorial center, where you can register yourself as a qualified tutor. You may have to share your monitor or slide based presentation on any social site.
  2. Garments Tailoring: For these work, you should have proper tailoring knowledge and you should have some knowledge on fabrics and creativity like embroidery. If you are willing to do this work, you may create your own catalogue of garments and display it on the E-Commerce websites. Here, you will need investments to buy one sewing machine and some Embroidery stickers to start up.
  3. E-Commerce: Nowadays, shopping has become very easy with online shopping  websites. You can purchase a website or you may give the responsibility to construct and design the webpage to any website designer. Then you may just focus on your selling items and display list, those items you want to display on your ecommerce websites. For this business, you will need to buy your own website at some nominal amount payable yearly and certain advertisement expenses alongwith retail expenses of product that you are interested to sell. It is always better to start with a small scale.
  4. Home Day Care or Crèche: In case you are fond of children, then you can start with this business. This will also help you to take care of your own children with other children at day care. This will benefit your children in learning different types of extra curricular activities and help them to be social. If you start your day care at home, then no need of much nursery expenses, but, if you want to start it in a professional manner or in commercial scale, you will need to spend some money on rent, nursery decoration, staff, etc. with sufficient capital.
  5. Content Writers: If you are good in writing and can express your thoughts on any subject in writing, then this profession may be a good option for you. You may write the content as a guest blogger on other’s blog or may write your own blog. After building a decent traffic, you may ask for advertisement as your earnings through various sources, one of those is AdSense.
  6. Beautician: If you are qualified in beauty course, you may also start an online campaign and advertisement on social media about your beauty tips and home made remedies for good skin. This does not involve much investment but is really demanding among every communities.
  7. Mother as a Chef: If your cooking always gets lots of appreciation in the parties, then, this business is a very good option for you. You can start a home delivery or can start the cooking classes. You can simply throw a kitty, where, you may serve your signature dishes to all the members announcing that you want your dishes to be served in any birthday parties or occasions.

These are few examples of exciting opportunities. There are several other options too which we can discuss in more detail gradually.

You may find one of these option useful for you, because watching your kids growing up in front of you is as expensive as your life.



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