Curious Development

We all are familiar with the phrase that “Children are growing up very fast“. The growing brings another thought for parents, “Development“. The development word consists of lots of questions and curiosity to learn how to bring up gifted or super babies. These happened in our childhood, may be in our parent’s childhood and now with our children too.

Many books have published about babies development stages and those seem very helpful because today’s parents want to know everything about their children well in advance. Parents are curious to know their child is growing according to the history of children milestone or is lacking behind or if she/he is going even advance than the milestone. They also want to know if they are blessed with a super intelligent gifted child.

Today, I want to make a slight difference in development. Do you realize all the children are blessed with different intelligence level. One child may be talented in counting, one may be in language or other may be in music. I particularly want to showcase the responsibility of parents. Children should always be motivated from early days.

Responsibilities towards our children make us parents and those responsibilities if done in the right way, make them god gifted.


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