Can’t Explain Motherhood

I am doing my best to understand what the best definition of motherhood is. Can it be explained to someone without children or even with? I think this is the only relationship beyond humanity. We also cannot say, only human creatures carry this relationship. Do you agree with me?

Motherhood can be termed as different words…security, love, care, affection, trust etc…, but here comes a question, we are related to all these words, then, only giving birth to a child is a Mother? I don’t think so, there are hidden Motherhood in all human creatures in spite of gender, caste or any religion. A lady who opted to remain unmarried just to raise all those children who are rejected or thrown away by their real parents, there comes Motherhood more than humanity. She could give birth to her own baby and do the best she could afford for him or her, but Motherhood says, “I am Unlimited”.

A woman, who is feeding her new born with her milk is a mother we all know, but what about the man, who is roaming around all night with the baby at home just to give her mother the complete rest, yes the title is, he is a father, but don’t you think he also has got equal portion of Motherhood inside him.

We often here, cruelty cases of parents, where are the motherhood of those real mothers? They are made up of all human nature except humanity and motherhood. This is the reason I can’t explain Motherhood.



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