Senses Inside You

The uterus is neither dark nor silent.

Touch: The first ever sense develops in a baby is touch. However, report says unborn baby can not feel pain.

Hearing: Baby’s sense of hearing begins before birth. Your baby’s ear begins to develop in the fourth week of pregnancy and it is well formed by the end of the seventh week. Unborn baby of 24-25 weeks will respond to a noise applied to the mother’s abdomen.

Vision: From 26 weeks, babies will blink or close their eyes if a light is shone on the mother’s abdomen.

Taste & Smell: Babies practice sucking movements in the uterus, in preparation for feeding after the birth and so it seems they like sweeter taste naturally.

So Interesting, the senses are the only teachings in life which your baby can recognize, before you could teach him or her. These natural lessons will let them survive beyond the wall.



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