Sweet Changes Happens

The first few months of pregnancy are a time when you and your partner will be discussing all sorts of practical as well as emotional issues.

Almost everyone experiences anxiety at some stage of their pregnancy, and most women find that different worries crop up throughout. It is very common to have underlying fears about the baby. Couple often doubt their ability to be good parents, concern about the impact that a child will have on your financial situation, sexual relationships, careers and social lives can all surface during pregnancy.

Most pregnant women find that they want to sleep more, dreams can be very important now, allowing your mind to adapt to the profound life changes ahead.

Some women sail through their pregnancies without having any nausea, but most experience at least some morning sickness. Most experts think that it is connected to the increased level of hormones circulating in the blood.

Swimming two to three times a week is one of the best forms of exercise in pregnancy. It works all your muscles, and increases flexibility and stamina.

In terms of Taste, pregnant women often report experiencing a strange metallic taste in the mouth. You may also develop new preferences for certain foods and drinks. Try to resist any cravings for sugary or high fat snacks since these are high in calories but low in nutrients.





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