Hey!Are You Expecting?

Nine months of waiting for a new member is not easy to describe in words but, yes, the waiting has its own pleasure with days, weeks and months counting. Don’t you agree? When you particularly realize that yes you are expecting, there comes a number of Exclamations(!) and lots of questions(?). That is the Get-Set-Go Mark towards your new life. Each pregnancy is Unique and so the child. Whether you are expecting for the first time or second or more, but you are going to expect all new experience throughout your pregnancy.

Now, I assume here is the time for you to see new one in your arms. Now What? There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. We are all moving towards the D-Day. But here comes a thought. Are we ready for the baby’s arrival? Are you ready to be a new mom from a would be mom? You might get more excited to experience than to answer.



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